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Christian Worship advisory council

Examine - Engage - Establish

Our purpose is to help refine the theological aspects of Urdu Gospel songs before they can be published in books and on social media platforms in Pakistan. The objective is to promote the spread of accurate theological teachings through Gospel songs and protect listeners from potential misinformation.
Gospel songs play a significant role in the religious and cultural fabric of Pakistan, particularly among the Christian community. However, there is a growing concern that a considerable number of these songs deviate from theological accuracy, potentially leading to the dissemination of incorrect teachings. The project aims to address this issue by establishing a system to monitor, examine, and edit Urdu Gospel songs, ensuring their alignment with the Word of God. The project will establish Committees in seven major cities of Pakistan to oversee the process and engage various stakeholders such as poets, composers, theologians, coordination teams, and social media committees.
Pakistan has an estimated 1200 gospel singers, with an average of 4-5 songs being released daily, resulting in approximately 1400-1500 songs per year. While many of these songs are performed at events, a significant number are also shared on social media platforms. According to the Pakistan's National Council for Justice and Peace (NCJP) report of 2001, the average literacy rate among Christians is 34 percent, lower than the national average of 46.56 percent. This emphasizes the need for accurate theological teachings to be conveyed through songs to counter any potential misinformation.
This Project aims to address the issue of theological inaccuracies in Gospel songs in Pakistan. By establishing Committees and engaging various stakeholders, the project endeavours to ensure that the songs released are theologically correct and aligned with the Word of God. Through this initiative, both the songwriters and listeners will benefit, as accurate theological teachings in songs can lead to the spread of right beliefs and positively impact individuals and communities. Your support and contribution to this project will be greatly appreciated.
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