"You sell Knives?!"

"You sell Knives?!"

With all the media attention around knives and knife crime at the moment, I think it's important to remember that it's not actually knives that commit crimes. Rather, people, who would commit said crime with or without a knife. 

The knives and tools I design and make are meant for people who want a long-lasting, high-quality cutting tool that can be used for all manner of applications, but never for crime. 

Custom, hand made knives are for people who, like me, appreciate the quality inherent in handmade goods. Their uses are practically limitless and combined with a sharp mind can be infinitely useful. 

I make these for professional tradesmen, hobbyists, collectors and outdoorsmen alike; keen cutting tools that won't let you down. Whether it's for fitting a door, opening a box, or surviving in the wild, I can make something for you, to your specifications and within your budget. 

I have a range of handle materials to choose from, with more available on request. A wide range of steels to choose from, carbon steels being my favourite to work with and heat treat. In addition, stainless steels are available with enhanced rust-resistant capabilities and impressive powder metallurgic properties, however, these are sent out for professional, oxygen-free heat treatment. 

If you're interested in a custom hand made knife, drop me an email via the contact me form linked here
Or if you'd prefer to browse my collection of pre-built, one-off designs, you can do so here

Whatever you need, I'm sure we can find something that suits you. 
Thank you!